About Us


We Believe

We Believe that when you hire a professional, you need to get the best advice. Once you approve, we want to implement the solution in a simple and effective way. We check ourselves regularly and seek immediate influence on the business as a whole. We work on a trial and error process with our clients to keep improving over time, with minimum hassle and maximum effect on other business units.

Your Assets

They are yours. So is the decision.

We are here to help you avoid bad decisions and implement immediate changes.

No bullshit. No walking around. Immediate actions, feedback, and ongoing approvement. That’s TIGO.

Meet the Team

The team is currently relatively small. That’s not a problem, at least not yours. Until we get our lines filled, you get the founder’s attention. Make the most of it.

Regan McCook

Founder & CEO

Regan is not working with us, obviously. She’s a stock image on the site’s template. Regan was called after Pele, the Brazilian footballer.

Eric Teagan

Vice President

Also Eric is not working at TIGO. He too is a stock image on the site’s template. Eric likes to play chess and his favorite food is Calzone. his uncle’s dad is Tony Danza

Timothy Barrett


As a child, Timothy always wanted to be CFO. When he grew up, he hasn’t heard of TIGO, never applied, and was never hired. He hates it when people miss the ‘h’ and call him Timoty.

Let’s Start

Tigo offers various plans according to the needs of our clients. Let’s discuss your business’ best solution first, then build an incentive plan according to the scope and the expectations we have

Let’s Talk