Tigo’s Process

At Tigo, we work with our clients to create a sustainable plan that maximizes their businesses’ potential. We than create or improve proccesses, to boost performance and perception.

Our team of experts walk you through the different aspects of your assets, plan the needed changes with you, implement them once they’re approved, then rethink, reevaluate, plan changes, implement them as needed and then again.

We want to bring thoughts and experience into your business. Understand the difficulties ahead, and plan the optimal way in. We are here to help you walk if you’re standing, run if you’re walking.


Intro Meeting

Our process begins with an intro meeting. We listen and ask questions in order to analyse the painpoints of our clients. 90 minutues, no charge.

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Immediate Changes

Planning is done hand in hand with our clients. We bring in our thoughts, and hear yours. This first collaboration often brings unexpected solutions. Some simple changes may be implemented immediately, if they are simple enough.

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Immediate Results

Let’s start as soon as we can. The first changes we implement together, would usually be minor, but they should make a difference. Thats how we build trust. We set the desired goal, and if we don’t make it, you may choose to quit and get a full refund. We are here to make a change with you.

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Let’s get on a short call

We are here to discuss your needs and set an intro meeting. It’s OK to call at any time, we’ll call you back if we were busy when you dialed

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